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Spillways Residency

The Submission deadline is November 30, 2021, at 11:59 pm CST

The Submission Fee is $40

Antenna is accepting applications for our 2022 Spillways Residency Program, hosting national and international artists, writers, and cultural organizers to engage with the Greater New Orleans creative communitydrawing inspiration for the research, development, and proposal of a large-scale public project for support. Projects that engage collaborations, challenge conventional wisdom, and utilize innovative approaches, unconventional formations, and decolonial artistic practices are of particular interest.


A spillway is an engineering feat used to provide the controlled release of water from a dam or river levee, regulating the flow of water to prevent damage. Several spillways surround the City of New Orleans, providing support to prevent flooding from the Mississippi River while existing within a rich and complex ecological and geographic landscape of traditional epistemologies and ways of living in a changing climate of vulnerabilities and possibilities, uncertainty and opportunities, and environmental threats and just transitions.

For Antenna, the Spillways Residency is an opportunity to engage in a meaningful dispersion and exchange of outside thought and practice in the City through the development of creative feats that engage with, learn from, and work alongside in exchange of ideas and practices that are accountable to the region's vibrant visual and literary arts landscapes.

Through a unique open-ended model, Spillways offers artists, writers, and cultural organizers an initial two-week visit to engage the Greater New Orleans creative community and draw inspiration for the development of a public project proposal. Artists will have up to three months after their visit to submit a final proposal. If selected, Antenna will support the artists with a residency, providing time, resources, and fundraising support to bring the project to life.

Spillways residencies are open to established national and international artists, writers, and cultural organizers living outside the state of Louisiana, who utilize innovative approaches, creative experimentation, unconventional formations, and decolonial practices. Every other year, at least four residents are chosen to develop ambitious projects that aim for thoughtful public impact and engagement within the Greater New Orleans region. Of particular interest are projects that are collaborative, community-driven, or immersive in some way.


Residents will be awarded paid travel to and from New Orleans, an initial two-week stay in Antenna's residency space, a $1000 honorarium, a food stipend, and introductions to local stakeholders in their areas of interest.

Spillways Residency focuses on process over production. In the initial immersive two weeks, residents are encouraged to come with an open mind and let their ideas adapt to what they have learned. The Residency is modeled to spark project ideas that react engage in unique and interesting ways to the histories, ecologies, and cultural fabric of the City.


We ask all Artists-in-Residence to participate in some form of public programming, which may include an artist talk, workshop, collaborative project, or anything else that creates a moment for members of our community to engage with the artist and their project.


Once returning home, residents will have up to three months to develop a proposal for a project within the City. Antenna encourages ambitious project proposals that aim for thoughtful public impact or engagement, which must include a significant outreach component. This could range from visits to local schools, free community workshops, public lectures, or other programs that help the public understand the Resident's creative process better.

Once a proposal is received, the Antenna team works immediately, assessing feasibility and tailoring its approach based on the project's needs, including funding and materials required. Not every project proposal will be accepted, though if it is, the Spillways Resident will have the full support and assistance of the Antenna staff and the organization's 16 years of experience working in the region to assist at every step to help bring the idea to life. Budget funding and additional visits and time in the City are adapted to the needs of each approved project. Thus, both of these critical aspects of a project are left open-ended until the proposal stage of each Residency. Despite ultimately being the Resident's project, Antenna envisions this process being inherently collaborative, and the most successful projects will incorporate New Orleans' based individuals into their development.

We invite you to visit https://antenna.works/spillways to see residents' ongoing work and projects created through this Residency.


  • Support Materials for residency application
  • Artist statement/statement about the artist's creative process
  • Specific project proposal for Residency
  • Examples of past work (max of 10 images)
  • Statement of interest outlining your ideas relevant to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast South
  • Bio

We strongly encourage submissions from Black, Indigenous, people of color, women, immigrants, and LGBTQ-GNC+ artists, including those with disabilities. We are committed to publishing the voices of artists known and unknown, particularly those who interpret ideas through the lens of New Orleans or have connections to the City or the Gulf South region.


  • Open to visual artists, writers, collectives, or long-term collaborative projects
  • For artists: you must have a desire to develop work outside of a traditional studio model.
  • For writers, you must have an interest in developing written works that require extended time within a self-defined local community.
  • Applicants cannot currently be a student enrolled in post-secondary or graduate-level programs.


This fee helps to defray the cost of the jury process. If support is needed with the application fee, please contact us at info@antenna.works for assistance.


  • November 30, 2021: Deadline for applications
  • Late January 2022: Residents announced
  • March 2022 - December 2022: Residency Period (to work with Resident's schedule)
  • January 2023 - December 2023: Project Development


About: Antenna is a multidisciplinary arts organization committed to being a vital participant in the life of New Orleans, producing an expansive array of artist—and writer-driven programs. From exhibitions, residencies, and publications to grant opportunities, gatherings, and public programming, Antenna serves as an engagement hub of diverse communities and publics, cultivating opportunities, learning exchanges on pertinent themes that have emerged over the years, and helping creative visions become realities.

As an artist-centered institution, neighbor, experiment, and vision, accountable to the Black and Indigenous communities that make our work possible, Antenna is committed to moving art beyond the confines of galleries and museums by attending to the histories, communities, and ecologies of the region and their (trans)national implications in our programming to support a more just and equitable city.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.