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Antenna is seeking short fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or prose submissions for inclusion in Antenna::Signals 018, print publication. Submissions should relate to the Antenna::Signals 018 theme of RETENTION as part of our 2020 water series, which will explore the intersections of water retention systems and ideas of absorbing, retaining, holding, and reimagining culture practices, equity strategies, and a sense of self and belonging during times of crises and disruptions.

Each written submission can be up to 1500 words. We will accept up to 5 writings for inclusion. Each accepted contributors will receive an honorarium of $150 for publication in a 200 magazine edition and online at https://antenna.works/signals. With a commitment to fostering cross-disciplinary conversations and collaborations, we invite artists, writers, activists, poets, scholars, performers, advocates, and scientists and more to submit today.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Monday, November 30th, 2020.


Antenna::Signals is a multimedia cultural program conceived as a quarterly ‘live-action magazine’ and accompanying publication, podcast series, and short documentary series. All of the Signals elements highlight the local cultural producers and thinkers who shape the cultural landscape of New Orleans, with each installation focusing on a specific theme. You can see past issues here! In the face of the continuing COVID-19 crisis, Antenna is bolstering Signals multimedia elements instead of live-events. Issue::018 Retention will drop on December 21st.


Antenna is a New Orleans-based non-profit arts organization committed to being a vital participant in the life of the city by creating and supporting artist- and writer-driven programs that encourage experimentation, creative risk-taking, socially engaged art practices.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.