Ends on October 10, 2019


Image: October 2017 Installation in the Antenna Reading Room, "We Believe in Infinite Intelligence" by Lacey Prpic Hedtke, Photo by Tammy Mercure

Throughout the year we welcome proposals for exhibitions in the downstairs Reading Room at Antenna Gallery. Successful proposals take expansive or experimental approaches to exhibitions of artists books, literary culture, or collaborations between artists and writers.  
Submissions should include a proposal for the space, 4 walls minimum (note ceilings are 8 feet tall). See floor layout here, there are two ways to set up the 1st floor gallery space, a smaller more select show or a larger show that is most of the 1st floor.

 Proposals could be, but are not limited to:
-A curated selection of artists books.
-An curated exhibitions of books and artwork exploring a singular theme.
-A chapbook with a writer and artist in mind with samples of both of their works.
-A show developed out of a newly published book. Books are not limited to traditionally published media. We are open to and encourage artists books, zines, book objects, sculptural books, one of a kind, and editioned books, etc.
Shows will be on display for 2 months and would have openings and closings coinciding with the second Saturday openings upstairs at Antenna.
Visit our Reading Room exhibition archive to see examples of past exhibitions. If selected, Antenna will pay for shipping expenses, and depending on the budget at the time of selection, may also have modest funding for other expenses.